Pushing out of Boulder couldn’t have been more scenic. The mountains where everywhere especially on foot. Describing even a single one in detail would take up a lot of blog space. We took it easy today with a slow pace stroll so we could take it all in. I knew that meant about an 8 hour walk but it was satisfying.

Upon approaching Escalante I almost stepped right on to a tiny lizard. it sat there for while and let me get close enough with my phone to grab a picture. We began walking and it followed along until a car came zooming by. It scurried under some brush just as we passed the sign into town. There was an old covered wagon next to a rest stop with bathroom. We paused and then continued to the other side of town and met with the Circle D hotel manager. The owner who had arrived in town minutes before and since he was in the  Air Force he immediately gave us a room for the night.

We saw some ATVs in the front and asked about them. We hadn’t had the chance to have some real fun in a while and with the west coast coming in less than a month we understood that time for fun was ending soon. We called the owner of the off road vehicles and he  let us have them for the morning. Everyone in this town is so nice. Even the cactus plant next to our room had absolutely no needles! Crazy?!!!

For information on the Hike for our Heroes/Drum Hike and to donate to help a struggling military family go to Drumhike.com or simply pick up your cell phone and text SOLDIERS to 20222 to donate $5 now.



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