In the morning we all decided to take a break from walking and ride some ATV’s. I had never rode one before but knew it was going to be lots of fun. Mareike hopped on to mine with Terry on his own and darted out of the parking lot of the hotel and down the street to a few pathways that you could tell ATV’s had been before. Mareike and I were in the lead and Terry followed closely behind until we started to get into some inclines that even I was sceptic about. We pushed through and climb several embankments before resting at the top of a mountain. The over look was beautiful and the rocks in the distance had weird shapes. I made the suggestion to head over to them and we all agreed.

Soon the path we were on made its way up the side of a mountain and we could see we had made a grave mistake. The rain had washed away a lot of the mud creating a slant that had a giant drop-off down to the bottom of the mountain. Mareike held on tight and we hit the path hard to avoid the fall. I have to admit that even I was scared and almost certain this was a bad idea. Soon enough we made it to the other side but had damaged the trail. I was worried that Terry might not make it and a minute went by where Terry made no noise and was showing up. Mareike and I jumped off the ATV and ran back to see if terry was still alive. He was so scared that he was stuck right at an angle where the drop off was. He pressed the gas and ran right into a tree which caused his back wheels to spin towards to fall. I quickly grabbed the handle on the ATV and another tree near and tried desperately to pull it back from the slant. After doing this with both of there help for 15 minutes we were able to get it to be upright and Terry hopped on and drove it across. The trail immediately fell apart down the mountain and we knew we couldn’t go back the way we came. 2 hours later we found a dirt road that lead us back to the highway and back to our route to walk.

After all that excitement the mountains in the distance seemed dull. The long road to Tropic was mediocre compared to days past but still was pretty. We entered the town of Tropic, ate some pizza and grabbed a shower at Clark’s Hotel. Today would be one of those stories we would tell our kids about!


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