Worrying about lighting in a room isn’t something that I prefer to wake up to but today was a special day. I finally got to talk with Diane Sawyer who has been a tremendous inspiration for me throughout my life. She is from my hometown and I believe to be one of my childhood favorites. I set up Skype with the show’s producer and I could see Diane in the distance. Finally she sat down and immediately we began a conversation. I wasn’t too sure that the interview had started which really came out in the interview. It felt like we had talked for years.

After the interview we ate breakfast at Clark’s restaurant in Tropic Utah and headed down the road. It was an amazing view once again as we walked pass waterfalls and natural made arches. The road turned several times as Rv’s flew down the road. I am ready for highway 89 tomorrow.  The scenery here I will miss but the lack of an emergency lane to walk in is driving me nuts.

Finally we approached the exit for Bryce canyon National Park buy didn’t see a city. I searched on my 2 maps and couldn’t find it anywhere. Just then I saw a Subway and headed in to ask for directions. The city happened to be 3 miles south of route 12 so i headed that way in a hurry because it was starting to get very dark. By the time I reached the city there was barley any sun light left. We bedded down at the Bryce Canyon Lodge which donated a room for us and I immediately fell asleep.

Here is the interview with Diane Sawyer: http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/conversation-hiking-america-11861294


For information on the Hike for our Heroes/Drum Hike and to donate to help a struggling military family go to Drumhike.com or simply pick up your cell phone and text SOLDIERS to 20222 to donate $5 now.


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