I stepped outside for the sun rise but the only thing I could see was the dark thick clouds bellowing from the old west part of Bryce Canyon City. I rushed and banged on Terry’s hotel door and yelled in Mareike’s direction “FIRE”. At first Terry was sure that I was joking and was reluctant to escape the comfort of the bed. I soon yelled again and he came gazing out his door while Mareike and I began walking toward the inferno. A lonesome fire truck stood right in front of the flames with 4 sturdy suited men laid oppressive water steadily into the flames. Apparently the trailer next to the back of the building was the culprit which then spread towards the Old West style buildings. If the firemen could somehow put it out now they will be able to save all these style of structures. I got closer to see if I could help and thats when 3 other fire trucks entered the area with sirens blazing. I soon realized that I would be in the way as all the men began a sequence of maneuvers to pry open another fire hydrant and douse the house full of H20.  Luck was with them all as they kept the fire from further spread but not without a complete fight. 30 minutes passed before the final bit of fire was dead and the day was saved. Several cheered as we began to walk away and soon the smoke was a distant view.

The red canyon then appeared and surprised us all with its beauty. It was filled with majestic red stained boulders and many sizes. Even the street where we were walking had tunnels of red hanging over our heads. Today was surely a blessed day filled with delight. I soon encountered a trail that kept Mareike and I off the road and brought us safely to us89. Here we met up with Terry and camped out for the night.

For information on the Hike for our Heroes/Drum Hike and to donate to help a struggling military family go to Drumhike.com or simply pick up your cell phone and text SOLDIERS to 20222 to donate $5 now.

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