This time we marked our spot to return with a weird colored rock and then began the drive up to Salt Lake for the weekend’s fundraisers. I knew that Emmie was close to getting to 1800 miles and checked her pedometer and was surprised to see that she had only 11 steps to go. I called Paw Prints radio for my scheduled interview and counted down announcing Emmie’s triumphant landmark of 1800 doggy miles. Everyone cheered and all was well.

We piled into the RV and headed north on I15 only stopping for fuel. Was grabbed a few drinks and hopped back in the vehicle to drive more when it wouldn’t start again. We had now burned 3 starters in 2 months. Somehing was really wrong but still had no clue why it kept happening. We pushed the RV away from the fuel pumps and into a gravel parking lot next to a mechanic shop. He normally worked on diesel engines but took a look under and Terry helped to pull out the starter. Then the mechanic noticed that the exhaust was leaking right onto the starter causing it to heat up and burn. Finally we had a theory for all the burned starters. We called on a volunteer from Salt Lake City named Shanah Parr and she quickly got to us and drove us to the hotel while carting the broken starter to retrieve a new one. The Rv would remain in the shop in the middle of nowhere.

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