So much has happened for us in 2010. It was a year of uncertainty as I worked endlessly towards the goal of getting the walk across America up and running. By January of last year I was dreaming of being in Texas celebrating the new year with my wife’s family and today that dream has come full circle. After 8 1/2 months of walking we have finally found time to relax and enjoy a few hours of pure relaxation and what better place and time to do it then with family and on New Years eve. The night is filled with high emotion for everyone on the crew and I especially filled cheery for whats to come.

I can’t help to ponder the future. With every step we take we are truly getting closer to the end and I believe in ourselves more and more. I am extending the walk for another month to include 6 select cities in Florida so I know that we have plenty of miles still left and many hardships to overcome. Its the constant support that fuels my hunger to keep going and only positive thinking will allow the rest of the hike to be even more mazing then the first half. I have realized that you can not please everyone and if you think upon it too much anything you do in life will be stained. Its much better to forget all negativity and react kindly with a smile and move on to the next challenge with your head held high. I know now that even if we don’t reach donation goals it doesn’t really matter. Instead the moral of this story is the positive effect we have had on the families that we were able to help and the thousands of followers who have been inspired. These families we fight for everyday are the reason for the hike across America and the reason we continue to walk even if there are struggles. The experience has been far too wonderful to worry about the negatives– the most important lesson I’ve learned since the first step.

Here’s to an amazing 2011 and good health!!!

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