I started this hike across America to help as many families as possible and along the way I have learned so much about military families and people with big hearts that want to help. Sometimes I have learned the truth behind volunteers and other people who work behind the scenes with many organizations. I have also learned about my limitations of my body and mind. There also is a limitation to the amount of stress that I can take… I am human. I expected there would be obstacles that we would have to overcome and I am proud that no matter what, we have moved forward even when the next steps seem near impossible. Once again I face being behind schedule and lots of miles in front of me and it all seems daunting. If there is one lesson that resonates the most from this experience so far it is that you have to roll with the punches and focus on the positive. Know that each mission is accomplished by small steps and the overall picture will eventually work itself out. Right now I am focused on the next steps to raising more funds to help more families. The best way to help is to spread the word about our mission. Thanks for reading. Everyone have a great weekend.


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