Troy Yocum

Specialist Troy Yocum was born a few miles away from Churchill Downs on June 25th, 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky where he has lived most of his life. He graduated from Trinity High School in 1997 and joined the Army National Guard on August 21st, 2001 just days before 9/11. He spent 2 years in the 151st Infantry out of Southern Indiana. His unit transferred to Military Police and Yocum was placed into the Inactive Ready Reserve. He graduated from Yellow Ambulance Emergency Medical Service Bureau in 2002 while still in the National Guard, and worked as a Basic E.M.T. till 2004. Troy traveled across America and worked at Stevens Transport out of Dallas, Texas for the next four years.  On the road he would build experiences that helped propel the idea of hiking across America to raise funds for military families. Troy then served in Kuwait and Iraq with 100th battalion 442 Infantry. SHortly after returning home he put together a plan to walk across America and back to help struggling military families.

Mareike Yocum

Went to college for Tourism Management, is experienced in Event-Management and Promotion and enjoys to help Military Families in need!