Troy was invited to the US Embassy in Hamburg, Germany by Christian Moeller the Public Affairs officer for the US Consulate General of Hamburg. There he met with the US/Germany Ambassador Mr. Phil Murphy.


The “Alstertal-Wanderweg” is a trail Troy was hiking for 5 weeks in Hamburg Germany. Each day he hiked 20 miles or 32 kilometers around the Alster Park river or sometimes hiked all the way north.


is where Troy Spends most of his time near Louisville training. Twice a week he challenges himself to run the trail faster. The Millennium Trail takes visitors through previously unopened areas of Bernheim and is approximately 13.3 miles in length. It takes 6-7 hours hiking time depending on individual ability. Troy averages around 5 hours and has a speed record with carrying 35lbs of gear at 4 hours 20 minutes.


When Troy can’t get to the park, he hikes and runs on this treadmill for 2-4 hours a day. His workout consist mainly of strength and endurance challenges. “Feeling as good at 20 miles as I did 5 miles is a personal goal. I always have in the back of mind to prepare myself like I am already hiking 25 miles a day. Pushing myself to gain more agility and lessen recovery time. A positive mind set is the key”.