Hear from the Families

We were very blessed to be chosen as the first donation grant. We were able to get the work car and the family car both fixed which both had broke down with extreme amount of repairs. We were able to pay off some credit card debt that arose from multiple layoffs during the past few years, as well as help pay off some medical and utility bills. The help from Hike for Heroes helped take an enormous burden that was on our family’s shoulders. This helped allow our family to be able to focus on our three children and family time and less worry about where the extra income was going to come from. Thank you very much to Soldiers Angels and Hike for Heroes. Never will forgot the help you have given us and will continue to help support and spread the word to help many other military families like us. In fact our children had began to collect donations in change canisters for the cause before we were chosen. Which they were able to present to Troy and his crew when we met with them. Thank you to all that support this cause.
–The Matson Family–

Today was one of the biggest surprises that my family and I have ever experienced. Miracles are always welcomed and my family received a miracle at just the right time. We will be able to fix our truck that broke down two days ago and provide for our disabled children during this blessed Christmas. We are more than thankful. Thank you Soldiers Angels and keep giving out those miracles.--The Gonzalez Family–

The donation from Soldiers Angels is a welcome gift and much needed help. It will help with our car repairs and to rebuild the family savings. Soldiers Angels is such a blessing to soldiers and their families. Thanks to fantastic charity, not only have we received this amazing Christmas blessing but we might not have able to get some of the things we needed for our newborn daughter. The Hike for our heroes crew members are truly angels on earth. –The Long Family–

Thank you guys so much, for the help financially. The grant was able to help me with repairs to my car, groceries, and gifts for my kids for Christmas. This was so helpful and appreciative and I am grateful for the generous givers and the amazing volunteers like yourself to make this all possible. Soldiers Angels and Hike for Heroes has been able to put a smile on the faces in my home, thank you so very much. I look forward to working or helping with you all in the future.
–The Bowen Family–

I cant say enough about this organization and it’s outstanding volunteer’s. With this donation I was able to get my only vehicle fixed which is my only means of transportation for myself and my wife and three children. This is the way I travel 75 miles round trip to recovery at the VA for my PTSD and my physical limitations. So with out the “help up” from Soldier’s Angels my therapy with my issues would have been put on a hold until I was able to come up with the amount to get my vehicle fixed along with the use for my family also. You’re such an loving and caring person and words cant say enough about the way I feel about you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
–The Zimmerman Family–

Being a combat veteran isn’t easy and having having a family can at times makes things more difficult especially as of recently. It was becoming almost impossible to keep up with all our bills. It is a horrific feeling to think of as a man, as veteran, or even just a parent in general that you are barely making ends meet, not only that but you cannot even provide anything aside from just the bare needs of your children. Then Soldier’s Angels stepped in with the help of Troy and the drum hike. They were like real live angels come to our rescue in our time of need. They were were generous not only by helping our family financially but more so through their caring and desire to truly want to help us. Sincerely, and literally just the thought of their unwavering devotion brings tears to my eyes even now. I cannot truly express in to words how much Soldiers Angels has helped my family and with an unmatched sense of diligence they tirelessly continue to attempt to reach out and help every veteran family in need that they possibly can. I do not think it would be possible for myself to have a higher level of admiration for this outstanding group of people. They truly are Soldiers Angels.
–The Dowdley Family–