Goal Zero

It has been a blessing to have GOALØ powering our 7800 mile hike across America. We were lucky to be product testers before GOALØ released the Sherpa 50, Nomad 27m, the Estrella 3, and the Universal Adapter. When we received the prototypes in the mail we knew that we could conquer the wilderness across America and back.

GOALØ equips people seeking adventure anywhere from your own backyard to Everest with dependable, portable, renewable solar power packs and lights, even in unfamiliar places. Places so far off the grid, that electric power doesn’t exist. GOALØ is a company that equips people seeking the farthest outposts of the world with the most innovative portable power products on the market.

The sherpa powers all of our electronic needs so that we can stay in touch with the world and document our journey. We are the first cross country walkers to go completely green and GOALØ is the reason behind it all. Just last week we were in the middle of the mojave desert skyping into National news while charging!!!

Even with constant cloud cover the Nomad panels work their magic and charge all of our gear. In the beginning of our journey we had the Nomad strapped across the backside of my rucksack while the Sherpa50 charged from inside. The USB connecter power cords ran through the Camelback hole in the top side keeping my Iphone powered all day long so I could stay connected with event coordinators, radio interviews and not to mention family and friends. I carried GOALØ’s gear by rucksack all the way across Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and half of Colorado before meeting an amazing woman named Polly Letofsky who had just finished walking over 14,000 miles across the world. After discussing our quest she donated a push cart that we morphed into a solar charging workstation powered of course by GOALØ. We soon added the addition of my Apple Laptop, 4 Go Pro Hero cameras, 2 Ipods for music, a Verizon mifi and Ipad. This allowed us to become a complete wifi hotspot and mobile online tv channel. We never had to worry about having a dead battery even while being in the middle of the desert, high in the mountains or while traveling through the swampy Katy Trail of Missouri. The batteries withstood rain, heat and snow. When I camped in the Colorado mountains and hiked over 5 passes of 10,000 feet above sea level or more I used the Estrella LED to light up my way. This super powerful LED will keep campsites illuminated all night and still has juice left to warn morning traffic on the streets.

If you are an adventurer who stays off the grid in remote places on earth and needs smart innovative power solutions that are field-proven to keep electronic gear charged then its time to “TAKE CHARGE” with GOALØ.

To find out more visit: http://www.goal0.com/