Harley the Comedian,
Born in Kentucky in May 2009 with 12 other siblings! She always had to be tough cause after that she lived with an Akita and Emmie the Superdog! She never gave up!
With us on the road she gives us smiles and laughter every day, cause she is just so funny! We have never seen such a small dog with a big personality!
For a Chihuahua she is pretty mellow, she barks at people here and there to make them aware of her…. “Hey, I’m here on the ground, please don’t step on me!”
Harley loves Emmie very much but you can say she is a Mommy-Dog! She always has to look where Mareike is, and when mareike is out walking with Troy she waits at the Door!
Harley loves to walk and has a Goal of walking 100 miles during the entire hike! She did 7 Miles in Vegas and suprised all when she wouldn’t let us carry her! She is the bravest Chihuahua in this world!

Harley in Colorado